oldies but goodies

as of late, I have been re-enlightened with the slice of heaven which is classic rock. as a girl of all tastes, I have always loved the classics… elton john, the eagles, fleetwood mac and most importantly, queen. so thanks to the new film bohemian rhapsody, with which i am obsessed, i have been able to reconnect with my inner 70’s-80’s rockstar. here is a list of what is currently on repeat in my earpods:

bohemian rhapsody x queen

we will rock you x queen

benny and the jets x elton john

rhiannon x fleetwood mac

dreams x fleetwood mac

somebody to love x queen

hotel california x the eagles

another one bites the dust x queen

should i stay or should i go x the clash

your love x the outfield

free fallin’ x tom petty

sweet child o’ mine x guns n’ roses

born in the u.s.a x bruce springsteen

edge of seventeen x stevie nicks

under pressure x queen and david bowie

any way you want it x journey

photograph x def leopard

go for a drive, roll down the windows, thank me later 😉

l o v e, addi reese


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